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Beth Schlosser

12:40AM 12/03/2011
Hi all,

This is a copy of an e-mail I received with a posting that Judge Thomas E. Brennan posted on the Cooleypride Facebook page to all students and alumni. I thought I'd pass it along in here.

"All Cooley Students and Graduates are invited... Thomas E. Brennan

All Cooley Students and Graduates are invited to register as delegates to Convention USA, which was founded by Cooley's Founder, Judge Thomas Brennan. We are preparing to conduct a National Presidential Primary on President's Day, February 20, 2012. When the convention has delegates from 2/3 of the states, we will convene to consider proposed amendments to the US Constitution.

Go to: "

Christopher Higgins

4:12PM 10/26/2011
results aren't out yet.

Hugh Thompson

2:07PM 10/24/2011
anyone past the jersey bar?

Hugh Thompson

3:13PM 09/07/2011
Judge Raymond Lyons
United States Bankruptcy Court
Trenton, NJ
Term: 1 Year
Applications accepted: Aug 29, 2011 - Sep 29, 2011
Term Start: Aug 13, 2012

Hugh Thompson

8:59PM 08/03/2011
Judge Joseph Irenas
United States District Court
Camden, NJ
Term: 1 Year
Applications accepted: Jul 25, 2011 - Jan 1, 2012
Term Start: Sep 1, 2012

Christian Smith

1:36PM 07/25/2011
Peace and Blessings to all taking the bar exam. I know that you all will do great!!

Hugh Thompson

4:54PM 07/21/2011
Hey everyone, NJ is taking applications for law clerks. Email your resume and cover letter to:

Christian Smith

1:49PM 07/15/2011
Thank you all for joining! Use the State Message Board to advertise networking events in your state!
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